VIDEO: Couple starts petition to boycott Applebee’s; claims they weren’t protected from ex-firefighter


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The man responsible is headed to prison – but his victims say there’s someone else to blame and video proves it.

We are talking about the Barry Arnold case. The 2015 arrest of a former Savannah Fire Captain accused of making racial threats.

For the first time, we are seeing video from the restaurant where it took place.

A restaurant that is now under fire from the victims who say it never should have happened.

“We are at the Applebee’s on Abercorn in front of Home Depot and a pretty bad fight has broken out. Its near the front door so no one can leave. If you can send someone over right away please, it looks like its going to get worse.”

That was the first of a dozen 911 calls made in 2015 as Barry Arnold and Marquist Curtis fought and battled inside the Applebee’s restaurant.

This was right after Arnold spewed racial slurs at Curtis and his girlfriend.

Both men left the building but as 911 callers told operators, this battle wasn’t done.

“There’s a guy here with a gun, he was in the store calling people a n—er.I have it on camera. Now he pulled out a gun in the parking lot.”

“The guy is really pointing a pistol at these people. I need a police right here, right now.”

“Savannah-Chatham 911 whats your emergency?”

“Please send the Police, This white man is out here, he keeps pointing a gun at my boyfriend, please come out here and get him.”

“He walked back over to his truck and got that gun and pointed it at my old lady,” said Marquist Curtis to police back in 2015. “I don’t know where you are from, but where i’m from that’s a line you don’t cross.”

“What did you think when he pointed it at her.?”

“What did i think? That he was going to point it at me too.”

“What did you think when he pointed it at you too?’

“That he was for real, he was dead for real. He told me I was dead.”

Applebee’s only provided two camera angles of incident to lawyer even though they had 16 cameras allegedly available. Now the victims are asking for a boycott of Applebee’s, saying they didn’t do enough before or after the fight broke out.

“Marquist and Amber Phillips (Curtis’ Girlfriend) are very worried that the exact thing that happened to them could happen to anyone, tonight,” said Will Claiborne, Marquis’ lawyer.

“Apparently their system allows for 16 camera angels, they only released two of them. Missing was the actual seat that Barry Arnold was sitting in. So there’s no way of knowing how much alcohol they served to him.”

Claiborne says the video he does have proves Applebee’s employees didn’t try to break up the fight, but stood and watched as other patrons stepped up.

“Brother I’m not going to hurt anybody. I haven’t done anything,” said Arnold in handcuffs after the incident.

“Well you have done something though..”

“What have I done?”

“And you are under arrest for disorderly conduct, OK.’

“For real?”

“Yeah, for real.”

Arnold pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and gun charges. He was sentenced to two years behind bars and eight years probation.

There has not been a suit filed against Applebee’s, but Claiborne isn’t ruling out that possibility.

There is a petition to boycott the restaurant chain.

You can sign it HERE:

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