VIDEO: Alabama boy spends allowance on food for homeless


One little boy in Alabama is making a big difference, spending his allowance to buy food for the homeless.

4-year-old Austin Perine got the idea while watching animal planet on television.

He asked his dad why a mother panda left her cubs all alone.

“I said, ‘Well I guess it’s going to be homeless for a while,’ and he says, ‘Are people homeless?'” Austin’s dad Terance explained.

Austin asked his dad to take him to meet some homeless people, and they brought food along with them.

Terance posted videos of his son’s small acts of kindness online, and they quickly went viral.

“I just want Austin’s experience to be contagious to everyone else,” Terance said. “Even though people are different they still deserve to be loved.”

Austin says his motto is “show some love.”

He hopes to take those words to the White House, becoming president someday.

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