Vidalia police department investigating reports of a car following women


VIDALIA, Ga. (WSAV)- Vidalia police are investigating a report of a suspicious car following women in the area. Now they’re asking anyone with information to come forward.

This week some people took to social media to report being approached or followed by a man. The Vidalia Police Department’s Facebook page references those posts and describes the man as white, driving a black truck and carrying either knives, tasers or other weapons.

Resident Robyn Winton said those posts have her worried for her and other people’s safety.

“I mean you already had to be weary but you don’t expect things like that from your town. When it comes to your town, it really hits home, and affects you a lot,” Winton said.

The Vidalia Police Chief Brian Scott said so far one woman has come forward and made a report. He added the other reports were just online, which he noted isn’t as helpful to the department. Scott said the department is always working to keep the area safe and willing to work with anyone who comes forward.

In a statement, he tells News 3 in part:

“When there is a problem you need to report it to the police department before you go online…Make us aware so we can properly investigate.”

One resident Jennifer Moody said she agrees with what the chief said because reporting an incident is the only way anything can be solved.

“It’s very important to come forward so that they can get this guy. You know, the more they have on him, the more they know and the more they can look for that. If you’re not coming forward with reports there’s nothing to work with,” Moody said.

If you see anything or have information about the case you are asked to contact the Vidalia Police Department at 912-537-4123.

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