USC unveils markers dedicated to slave contributions on campus


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSAV) – Two new plaques unveiled Tuesday on the University of South Carolina campus honor the slaves who played a major part in building the school.

Some Gamecock students say it’s about time.

“We have big names of those who made monetary contributions and who are the scholars and leaders, but not those who built the foundation that made it possible so that students could attend here,” says Amber Jackson. “All the struggles they went through. It’s honorable. And it’s a privilege to be here and it was long overdue.”

The plaques are straightforward about the history of the university. They acknowledge the slave-made buildings back in the 1800s as well as the role they played on the campus as a whole.

“Enslaved workers were essential to the daily operations of the college, whether they were owned by the faculty or the college itself, or hired from private citizens,” one plaque reads.”

Another marker details the slave quarters that remain on campus – and names those who may have lived there.

Abraham, Amanda, Anna, Anthony, Charles, Henry, Jack, Jim, Joe, Lucy, Mal., Peter, Sancho and his wife, Simon, Toby, and Tom are all listed on the plaque.

“Naming these individuals is an effort to remember all of those who made significant and substantial contributions to the University of South Carolina,” the plaque states.

These new markers have been in the works for seven years now.

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