TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) – State agencies say they are sticking to their promise to patrol Georgia’s now-open coastline. It has been more than a week since Georgia Governor Brian Kemp overrode local orders and re-opened the state’s beaches.

On an overcast day like Monday, Tybee Island City Manager Shawn Gillen says Georgia State Patrol (GSP) and Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) can handle crowds on the island’s five-mile beach.

“But as the weather starts to get warmer here in a week or so, we think the numbers will start to come up dramatically,” said Gillen.

“DNR is actually on the beach. They are breaking up groups like that, if they can,” he explained further. “But you have five miles of beach and that’s just too much I think for what they’re trying to do.”

GSP and GA DNR both say they have not issued citations to people not adhering to social distancing guidelines put forth by the governor. The city has restricted access to parking lots and to the beach. Plus, visitors are not allowed to bring coolers or chairs.

GSP and GA DNR representatives say they have been allowing people to comply to those rules on their own after a verbal warning. So far, everyone has done that, according to both state agencies.

Chatham County Police Department’s Marine Patrol officers have been patrolling the county’s barrier islands and waters. Public Information Officer Betsy Nolan says they have also not issued any citations since the governor’s shelter-in-place order went into effect.

On Tybee Island, the city has issued citations to people who are not following city ordinances that prohibit people from walking on jetties and others that prohibit dogs on the beach, for example.

“Remember that all the rules are still in place: no dogs on the beach, no glass on the beach,” said Gillen. “We will be writing tickets.”

Gillen says the city has proof that people are jumping over signs that block access to wooden crossovers. He says crossovers are closed because they do not allow people to distance themselves from one another. He says people who are caught jumping signs will be issued a ticket.

Thanks to GSP and GA DNR, Gillen says more law enforcement officers than usual are on the island. As of Monday, Tybee Island Police Department (TIPD) is still missing nine officers due to coronavirus.

Nine officers are self-isolating after one officer tested positive for coronavirus. The officer is feeling better — according to Gillen — but will not be on duty until at least the end of the week.

Gillen says two quarantined officers were tested for coronavirus: one test came back negative and one test is still being processed.

Last week, Tybee Mayor Shirley Sessions indicated that she and her team would pursue legal avenues to fight Gov. Kemp’s deicision to reopen beaches.

On Monday, Gillen confirmed to News 3 that the city attorney is working on finding information to do that. Gillen says the city attorney is working in tandem with attorneys from other beach towns to make it happen.

Gillen’s final words to visitors and residents? “Be safe, be smart and stay home.”