UPDATE: Pastor addresses maintenance issues at Putt Guttz



The owners of the Putt Guttz on MLK, Jr. Blvd. say long-standing problems with their air conditioning unit hurts business.

Connor’s Temple Baptist Church owns the building.

Tuesday the pastor acknowledge the problem and showed us maintenance records for the space.

We asked directly about replacing the old air conditioner: Any idea when you guys will reach that point?

Rev. Terrance Burrell, Pastor of Connor’s Temple Baptist Church, said,  “We are in the process of replacing it.  Canaday has been over there three or four times. We’ve gotten a quote; we’ve given them the go ahead to fix it.  And so we’re in the process of getting it fixed and as soon as the unit comes in, it’s gonna be fixed.  … The building has several different units over there—again, the building was built in 1926. We are doing everything we can.”

No word on when the fix will come.

We’ll continue to follow this story as it unfolds.


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A dream business has become a nightmare for a pair of sisters in Savannah. They’re tenants in a restaurant space, and they say two years of maintenance troubles is affecting their bottom line.

Putt Guttz Specialty Desserts and Deli has been open for business on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard since March 2015.

The owner’s say an old air conditioner in the historic McKelvy-Powell Building is at the root of all the trouble.

Putt  Guttz is a dream realized for Sheree Campbell and Chequita Kapers, sisters who named their restaurant in honor of their grandmother’s nickname.  The food offered  has been bringing customers back for more than two years, but from the beginning, they say an old air conditioning unit has caused problems–including triggering false alarms for the fire department.

Sheree Campbell, says “The fire marshal that came said that she was going to handle everything on her end to make sure because I was stressing about this air-conditioner and the fact that they had to be dispatched to the building 10 times.”

We checked with Savannah Fire and Emergency Services. They confirm the false calls and in an email wrote: “The only areas of concern we have in that building is the fire protection systems, i.e. sprinkler system and hood systems. The air-conditioning system is causing the alarm to not work properly due to some sort of issue.”

Campbell says, “I don’t feel safe in this building. You know it’s unpredictable, it’s a nuisance. And it’s hindering our business.”

But the false alarms are just one problem: moisture led to ceiling repairs.

“We been here with customers, they don’t even let us know. When we say something to them, it’ll be like weeks later and they come in here and just start cutting stuff.”

And she added, “And there’s water dripping there, don’t know whether that black mold, that’s cancerous, or whatever, but we are subjected to this; we are breathing this, and so are our customers.”

Now, they say the air conditioning trouble is the main reason their health inspection score dropped from perfect to 82.

The landlord is Connor’s Temple Baptist Church just across the street.

We set up an interview through the chairman of the trustee’s board, but when we arrived, he declined, saying he did not realize it would be on-camera.

We have rescheduled, and we’ll bring you that story next week; but we’re told there is a plan to replace the AC unit.

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