Update: Elderly woman dies from injuries after house fire


Update —

A 74 year old woman died after her house caught on fire.  Mildred Lloyd died Friday evening.  The fire happened around 6 a.m. Friday on Cumming Street.  Officials say Lloyd fell asleep while boiling water. Savannah Fire is investigating.


SAVANNAH, Ga.(WSAV) — Savannah firefighters were called to a home on Cumming Street Friday in regards to a house fire.

On the outside of the home, it’s hard to tell there was a fire — but investigators say the inside is a different story.

Savannah Fire reports that an elderly woman fell asleep next to a boiling pot of water and was severely burned.

News 3 learned the victim is 74-year-old Mildred Lloyd, who was initially transported to Memorial Hospital.

She has since been transferred to Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta where she is being treated for burns covering 50 percent of her body.

We had a chance to speak with neighbors who have known Lloyd for years.

“She would be the one who is trying to make a cup of tea or something because I don’t think no one else was there with her. I wouldn’t say someone else was there,” says Rudolph Moore. “But this is really shocking to us around here.”

Moore says Lloyd gets help on a daily basis when a nurse does a welfare check. She also has a son who lives in the area and comes by when he can.

“She’s there by herself and everybody comes to check on her. I give credit to him,” Marshall Gilliard says.

Gilliard has known Lloyd for more and 30 years and says she’s been nothing but nice to him.

“She’s sweet, she will give you anything she can to help you. She’s always here, you know. I’ve never seen anyone any sweeter than her,” Gilliard says.

This incident is now under federal investigation.

News 3 learned the elderly woman was not the only one in the home at the time the incident occurred, but investigators have not confirmed.We will continue to bring you further updates on this story.

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