BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) – Beaufort families have filed a new class-action lawsuit against the Laurel Bay housing complex on the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS).

According to the suit, MCAS “Intentionally and knowingly exposed families to environmental contamination.”

Eleven families are specifically named in the suit, with “thousands more former residents included as potential “

Much of the suit stems from the storage tanks that were in the complex.

The tanks were there in the 1950’s-1970’s to heat the homes, but what was left behind instead were tanks “contaminated” with pesticides and cancer-causing chemicals.

One of the people named in the suit is Amanda Whatley, who made a Youtube video last year detailing the possible connection between her daughter’s cancer and living at Laurel Bay.READ MORE: Summons & Complaint | Amanda Whatley, et al v. Atlantic Marine Corps Communities LLC, et al

“Had I had it in the back of my mind that cancer was happening to children that live where we lived,” said Whatley. “I would have taken her to the doctor so much sooner.”

51,000 people have seen that video and a dozen or more families have come forward with similar cancer issues.

This suit also details problems with asbestos and lead paint found on playgrounds and outside buildings.

It adds that the company that ran the complex, Atlantic Marine Corps Communities (AMCC), didn’t tell families about the hazards.It provided “no warning” to residents and showed “reckless disregard” for the consequences.

It provided “no warning” to residents and showed “reckless disregard” for the consequences.

The Marines heard some current and former residents complaints at a meeting back in February.

But insisted then there was “no” evidence of major chemical issues.

“There is nothing right now that is an actionable concern that we need to do something with,” said Col. Peter Buck, MCAS Commander in February. “There is no smoking gun. In fact, there is no smoke in the gun.”

The class action suit is asking for undisclosed monetary damages against AMCC.

Marine Corps officials have done a health study and promised families the results by last spring. Those results have now been delayed until some time this fall.