DAHLONEGA, Ga. —  A university in North Georgia is investigating one fraternity and two sororities on allegations of hazing.  Some students at University of North Georgia say they’re surprised to hear of this happening on their campus. Caleb Longenecker is a freshman at the University of North Georgia.  He said, “It’s sort of really mean how you’re doing it. It’s bad, I mean, don’t do that. You could really hurt someone.”He explained the university sent out an email saying a fraternity and two sororities are under investigation for hazing and alcohol violations.“You see–like in ‘Animal House’–people doing this and it’s like, ‘oh yeah, it looks funny,’ but if you’re doing it in real life it’s not cool.”Student  Kaitlin Lowe, said North Georgia is normally a quiet school.“It really did surprise me that that came about here because it’s such a smaller school.”But university officials said in January and February they received three separate complaints that Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Mu, and Kappa Delta violated the schools hazing and alcohol policies.  They wouldn’t go into details during their ongoing investigation. Senior Jacob Sullivan said he’s not endorsing what happened, but he wonders if it’s as bad as it sounds.“Hazing is such a broad term nowadays that encompasses things that you wouldn’t think would be bad.”But Zhanik Brock said you can’t even enroll at North Georgia until you take and pass an online course about the schools hazing and alcohol policy.“Very detailed, and they asked a lot of anonymous questionnaires about how you feel about this, what would you do in this situation.”University officials suspended all three organizations while they investigate. One student claims to be a member of the accused fraternity says the allegation against his house is alcohol related.