SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — People in Savannah are preparing to cheer from home for the bulldogs as they attempt to win the national championship again.

The UGA Alumni Association will be setting up for the big game at Starland Yard this year. 

“There’s a huge UGA following in Savannah for football. We’re fortunate to be close enough to Athens so many of us can travel to games during the year as well. There’s so many great venues to gather with your friends and family to watch games, so it’s a big part of the culture of sports in Savannah,” says Ann Lerch, President of the UGA Alumni Association Savannah Chapter. 

And for UGA alumni, this game means a lot. 

“I mean I think I’ve always been a Georgia fan since I was a child. I was born in the ’70s so 1980 was a big year, and then to wait another 41 years for a championship was kind of surreal. And then here we are back in it for the second year, so it’s kind of the glory days of Georgia football, so alums and fans alike are having a ball right now,” says Chris Sweat, Vice President of the UGA Alumni Association Savannah Chapter. 

The game also means big business for local sports bars. John Henderson, the owner of Coach’s Corner, is expecting one of his biggest nights of the year. 

“I’m excited about it as you can’t believe, but just to be able to go back-to-back is amazing and to win last year, have the chance to win another is great. But we’ll have a big crowd, hopefully the game stays tight or at least Georgia is winning. The crowd will stay until the end of the game hopefully and we’ll have another win,” says Henderson. 

He says if you plan to watch at any sports bar, show up at least an hour before game time.