Turning Scraps into Snacks


Would you eat chips made out of WASTE?

Well, one food brand is hoping you will.  Tyson has launched snack crisps made out of “upcycled” chicken and vegetable waste.

New 'upcycled' chips

This new snack was created to help cut down on food waste, and it comes to you in the form of a chip.

Tyson Innovation Lab is calling its new snack ¡Yappah! — and it will come in cans instead of bags.  Only these chips aren’t made of potatoes, corn or tortillas.  No…  they are instead made of leftover food waste like ‘rescued’ vegetables and discarded chicken scraps.

According to the snack’s website, ‘fighting food waste never tasted better.’  The chips were crafted by a chef trained at French Laundry & Morimoto.  Also, each serving of the crisps has more than eight grams of protein.

They come in four flavors… chicken carrot curry, chicken celery mojo, chicken shandy beer and chicken IPA white cheddar.

Tyson explains that in the food making process, there are a lot of ‘forgotten’ ingredients that would be discarded, like chicken breast trim and ‘ugly’ vegetables.  This contributes to a whopping $218 billion in wasted food by Americans every year.

So instead of letting that wasted food get tossed, the brand is hoping upcycling will lead to something new… and tasty.

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