Turning produce stickers into art


ERIE, Colo (KUSA) – An Erie, Colorado man is creating art out of something most of us throw away without a second thought.

Thousands of produce stickers are needed for each piece, most of which are sent to Barry Snyder’s Erie home.

Since the late 1960s, Snyder has been creating art using those little stickers. Each piece uses a cardboard backing that he sketches the design on, then it’s a lot of cutting and gluing. Each piece takes him about a year to create because the process is time-consuming.

So, what’s Snyder’s goal with all of this?

“I’d like to have a jigsaw puzzle done of this stuff, it’d drive everybody crazy to try and put one of these together in a jigsaw,” he said. “Then I could die happy. Just knowing that I twisted all these minds out there with frustration,” he said through laughter.

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