Truckers say working conditions likely cause for recent tragedies

Truckers say working conditions likely cause for recent tragedies (Image 1)_10495

Responding to two recent accidents involving trucks that resulted in ten deaths, a groups of local truck drivers say long hours may have been a likely factor.  The drivers all work for the port as independent contractors, often making numerous short hauls day in and day out. But they say they face many issues that long haul drivers face. That includes pressure from trucking companies to haul additional loads leading to stress and tiredness. They say drivers are often trapped, in the sense that they need the money the extra loads provide.

One driver, Carol Cauley says her heart goes out to the families of the victims but also to the two truck drivers in both recent accidents on I-16. She says trucking companies need to be held accountable for working conditions that have created the state that many truck drivers find themselves in today.

Teamsters Local 728 representative Jerome Irwin, Sr. stood with local drivers this morning although his union does not represent them. He called on the Georgia Department of Transportation to do more to police trucking companies regarding hours worked.

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