Travel trends: Short trips rule

(NBC News) – Many Americans will be taking some very unique vacation trips this year.  Unique not only in where they’ll go or how they’ll get there, but also who plans the vacation.

For turning 50 this year, former TV news producer Allison Andrews is treating herself by traveling to 50 places she’s never been.

She’s blogging about it at

To kickoff her 50-for-50 travels, Andrews turned to the surprise vacation agency

They plan three-day getaways around the United States.  The catch is the destination is a surprise until the day you depart.
The quick trip is a trend travel experts expect to see more of this year, because travelers are becoming more conscientious.

“We know that flying has a really big impact on the environment, so, folks are looking to do buses and trains in ways that they can kind of slow down, even if they’re not going quite as  far,” says TripSavvy’s Molly Fergus.

Pack Up and Go’s most common customer will drive to their surprise destination.