Traffick Jam: Spreading awareness of Human Trafficking


SAVANNAH, GA- It is a crime that often goes unnoticed, and now local leaders are bringing awareness to human trafficking in Savannah.

Local and federal agents gathered on Saturday at Savannah State University for the Third Annual Savannah Traffick Jam. Experts led panels on how to spot the signs of human trafficking, as well as unknown links to this crime, such as tourism and gang violence.

Community leaders told News 3 that it’s important to alter people’s perception of human trafficking in order to find a solution to the crime.

“I think historically there has been this notion that human trafficking fits in a very specific niche, such as females attracted for sex, generally adolescence, but it’s much more broad than that. It’s an issue we know happens here in Savannah and across the United States,” said Dr. Jonathan Grubb, President of Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking.

News 3’s Meredith Stutz emceed the event.

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