COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) — According to a new report, 93% of South Carolina contractors working on highways experienced cars crashing into their work zone during the past year.

The Association of General Contractors of America released the new data Wednesday. State transportation officials are urging drivers to be careful while driving, especially in work zones.

“The men and women of the construction industry are frequently working just a few feet, and sometimes inches, away from speeding vehicles,” National spokesman Brian Turmail said.

According to state transportation officials, some drivers have been reported driving 90 MPH through work zones. The study shows speeding, distracted driving and increased traffic are some of the reasons crashes occur in work zones.

The work zone survey shows drivers and passengers are more likely than construction workers to be killed in work zone crashes.

“Drivers who are too often distracted, speeding and/or under the influence crash into those work zones, putting workers and themselves at risk of serious harm and death,” Turmail said.

South Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Christy Hall says they have taken steps to make work zones safer. They have implemented new safety technology, training and police presence has been boosted in some work zones.

“It’s quite shocking and it’s something road workers in our state deal with in our state every day,” Hall said.

According to Hall, SCDOT is entering the second half of the agency’s 10-Year Plan to repair the state’s roads and bridges.

“More work zones are occurring all across our state as we make progress. For the safety of all highway workers, it is imperative that all motorists use an abundance of caution when approaching and driving through work zones,” she said.