STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — The Georgia Department of Transportation is proposing a roundabout at a major intersection in Statesboro, and they want the public’s feedback.

The proposed project would take more than 8 million dollars to complete, but GDOT says it’ll make traveling through much safer.

“It definitely needs something,” said Kaleo Lyles, a Statesboro resident. “It’s very awkward. You have a bunch of different kinds of entrances and exits, and during high traffic times on this main road you could be sitting there for like 15 to 20 minutes just waiting to turn.”

The proposed site is where three adjacent intersections meet along the railroad tracks off of South Main Street and Fair Road.

“It seems to work really well, especially for areas that are high traffic at times but not enough to warrant a traffic light so I think they can be beneficial if put in the right area,” said Lyles.

According to GDOT’s information online, changing the area would lessen fender benders and property damage that’s common where these five roads meet.

“I think it’s a pretty easy adjustment for a lot of people,” said Hayes Huntington, another Statesboro resident.

Additionally, GDOT says a roundabout would slow traffic down just enough without the use of traffic lights which need expensive maintenance.

The project is not set in stone. They’re waiting to hear back from the community about what they think. There is a survey on their website where Statesboro residents can give their thoughts.