City of Savannah unveils new speed limits, radar signs on Whitaker and Drayton Streets


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The City of Savannah lowered the speed limit along some streets, added more signage and added radar signs Wednesday.

“Our mid-city neighborhoods have both had tremendous increase in both populations and entertainment and recreational activities,” said Alderman Bill Durrence, 2nd District. “We just have so many more people here now, that’s the big push for us to make these streets safer.”

City officials want drivers along Whitaker and Drayton streets to pay attention and slow down.

“People get used to, get comfortable and sometimes get in auto-pilot states, where they don’t even realize how fast they are going,” said Steven Henry, the City Traffic Engineer. “These signs will help knock them out of that auto state and get them in an engaged state.”

The speed limit changes are along the full length of Whitaker and Drayton Streets from Bay Street on the North to Victory Drive on the South.

From Liberty Street to Park Avenue, the speed limit was lowered from 30 mph to 25 mph on both Drayton and Whitaker.

From Park Avenue to Victory Drive, the speed limit was lowered from 35 mph to 30 mph on both Drayton and Whitaker.

From Bay Street to Liberty Street on both Drayton and Whitaker, the radar was also added.

“We wanted more than just signs being changed, we want this to not be just a good traffic calming device,” said Henry. “It will be an extra incentive that it’s not just 30 miles an hour for this segment, it’ll be 25 miles an hour on the segment north of park avenue.”

As far as enforcement goes, well Savannah Police Chief said you have about a two week grace period.

“There will be warnings that will be given out that will be familiarizing people with the new speed limits signs in the area and as I said then we will be following that up with strict enforcement,” said SPD Chief Roy Minter.

Henry said they will use data from the new radar devices to come up with ways to improve safety in more Savannah neighborhood in the future.

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