Tracking Paulette & Rene in the Atlantic, more tropical development likely


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Earlier Monday, tropical storm Paulette formed in the central Atlantic Ocean. Now we now have a second tropical storm in the basin, tropical storm Rene.

Tracking Paulette

As of 11 PM EST, tropical storm Paulette has become stronger. Sustained wind is now 45 mph and wind gusts are 60 mph. Movement is still very slow to the north-northwest at 5 mph.

Paulette is not expected to achieve hurricane status, however it will become a strong tropical storm before weakening. Later in the week as the storm begins to turn more northerly, it will encounter some wind shear that will start to tear the it apart.

This storm is not expected to become a hurricane and poses no threat to land at this time.

Tracking Rene

A system near the Cape Verde Islands has been becoming better organized throughout Monday. It became a tropical depression early in the morning and has now strengthened into a tropical storm.

As of 11 PM EST, Rene has maximum sustained wind of 40 mph and wind gusts of 50 mph. Movement with this system is faster than Paulette. Rene is moving west at 14 mph.

Tropical storm Rene will be in an environment that is conducive of further organization and strengthening.

By Thursday, it is expected that Rene will become a minimal hurricane and then by Friday may become a bit stronger. The strong this system become now, the expected turn to the north into the central Atlantic becomes more likely.

Right now, Rene is bearing down on the Cape Verde Islands as a tropical storm, but there will be no other threat to land including the US from Rene.

More Development

Just to the southwest of Bermuda, there is a broad area of low pressure that the National Hurricane Center is watching for the potential for development.

At this time, there is a medium (40%) chance that this will become the season’s next tropical depression or tropical storm in the next five days.

Over the next several days, this tropical wave will be drifting toward the North Carolina coast. There is no threat to the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry at this time.

A second tropical wave will be emerging off the coast of Africa on Wednesday or Thursday. Some gradual development is expected once it is over the eastern Atlantic. This system has a medium (60%) chance of developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm in the next five days.

2020 Storm Names

Rene is now the earliest forming R storm on record. The previous earliest R storm was Rita which formed on September 18, 2005.

There are only four more names left on the list for 2020. After they are all used, we will switch to the Greek alphabet. The season with the most named storms was 2005 when we made it to Zeta which was a tropical storm that formed on December 30th in the central Atlantic

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