HILTON HEAD, SC (WSAV) – He’s a billionaire running for President with big ideas. Four years ago that was Donald Trump, this time in Tom Steyer.

Tom Steyer is polling at about 18% heading into Saturday’s primary, which puts him third in the race right now. He’s hoping an early week run to the Lowcountry will resonate with South Carolina voters.

“The question is do we show up? And the answer to that has gotta be yes,” said Steyer. “This is the most important election, just because of Trump this is the most important election of our lifetime.”

This was just the beginning of the message from Tom Steyer to a crowd of 200 people at the Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Club Monday morning.

The Billionaire candidate focused on issues he cares about the most, and feels should be most important to voters, including dealing with climate change.

“We have to rebuild the United States of America and we have to rebuild it from a climate-smart way. You know what that is? That’s the biggest job program in American history. (applause) Republicans are saying its bad for the economy to get clean energy. Actually it is going to be great for the economy. we are talking about 4 and a half million good-paying union jobs across the state.”

As he took questions from the crowd, Steyer talked more about the economy and the issues behind the positives President Trump has been touting.

“Honestly we are going to beat Trump because he stinks at his job,” said Steyer.

“People listen to him and give him credit on things that just aren’t true on the economy. He stinks on the economy.”

“$7.25 is ridiculous for minimum wage. I’ve been fighting for $15.00 since 2012 when we were picketing McDonald’s. If you really ask me whats a fair wage I’d say $22.”

“We have a lot of jobs. We have a low Unemployment rate but you can’t live on those jobs.”

“The fact that stocks go up reflect the value of American corporations after tax. But if you don’t own stock in those companies that’s not a relevant fact for you. It is a relevant fact for the people at the Mar A Lago country club.”

Steyer has been making inroads in the Palmetto State, especially with black and Latino voters. He believes they are the key to any victory in South Carolina or around the nation.

“There are tens of millions of people in this country who don’t vote because they think this system is broken. They are young, they are black, they are Latino, and they are all Democrats. If they show up its not a question of how they are going to vote its a question fo whether it is worth their time to vote.”

“I believe I am the person who is actually positioned to be a progressive Democrat. Not a socialist Democrat, not a Republican, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am a progressive Democrat.”

Steyer’s message did connect with many people who attended Monday’s rally. Some who hope more people hear his platform.

“Let’s get rid of the most corrupt President in American history,” said Steyer to applause.

“I just feel he’s been marginalized by some of the noisier candidates who just interrupt and bellow,” said Terri Weiss, Lowcountry voter. “Instead of by someone who is rational and has a lot to say if people just listen.”