SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – As we mark the unofficial start to summer, kid safety experts want to remind parents of the risks children face as the weather heats up.

Kristen King is the manager of Child Life Services at Memorial Health’s Children’s Hospital of Savannah. We sat down with her to learn more about the ways you can keep your kids safe during a season that’s known for swimming, biking and other activities that can become unsafe for your child.

She says it’s important for parents to have a conversation with their kids about being safe, whether that’s wearing a helmet, putting on sunblock or going over water safety.

“As they get older, showing them to follow the tide. If they are down at Tybee at the beach, to be looking for signs of currents and what does that look like, and to really recognize when it’s unsafe to swim,” says King.

She says when it comes to keeping kids safe, having these conversations is key.

“Also having conversations with kids about why we’re not going to the beach today, or why it wouldn’t be a good idea to go out on the boat. As kids get older and they are a little bit more independent they are at risk for higher drownings in open waters,” King said.

King says to make sure younger children never swim without supervision, and if you are in a larger group, to designate at least one adult to keep an eye on the children in the water at all times.