‘Tis The Season: How to keep the germs away at home and school

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It’s that time of the year where it’s happening to everyone.

Getting sick is almost unavoidable… especially in places where you have to be around a lot of people all of the time– like school.

On Friday, Savannah Country Day’s middle and lower schools were closed after 150 students called-in sick because of a stomach bug.

School officials say closing the schools was simply a way to prevent the spread of the germs to other students.

Upper school and Little Day School didn’t experience any issues and were both open for classes today.

News 3’s Courtney spoke to the health department to find out what you can do to keep you and your children from getting sick.

The Chatham County Health Department says the biggest thing they want to emphasize is: wash your hands!

Whether it’s with warm water and soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer, it can really stop germs in their tracks.

Also, make sure you keep all surfaces around your home clean and disinfected and last but not least, you and your children should stay home…do not go to public places when you’re feeling under the weather.

“[It’s] so important for everyone to know–you know we want to send our kids to school, we want to go to work. But when you’re sick, you really do need to stay home. A lot of these stomach viruses can be very contagious–and a child may feel badly but you may think, ‘well, they’re not too sick that they can’t go to school’ but if they go to school they can spread it to others-so be respectful, keep the germs to yourself and keep them at home,” said Diane Weems, M.D., the District Health Director.

And-even when you think you’re feeling better-Health department officials also say you shouldn’t return to school or work until at least 24 hours after your symptoms are gone.

The Savannah Country Day School students who were out of class today are set to return to school next week.

For additional information about what you can do to keep germs away this holiday season, click here: http://bit.ly/1I4MS0k

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