SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Flying with newborns can be stressful for everyone involved—but what if it could be a little less painless?

We have some helpful tips for parents with little ones.  If you are traveling by air over the holidays, pediatric experts tell us there are things that would make that flight easier on you and other passengers. 

They suggest you wait to fly with that infant until they are at least three months old. Doctors say no baby should be on a plane before one month.

Doctors also tell us they don’t give that little one a sleep aid, like Benadryl. If you absolutely have to, call and talk with your pediatrician first. 

If you can make it happen, avoid the huge crowds. Look for “off-time” or “red-eye” flights, which can often help you save some money too. 

Also, don’t forget to pack easy snacks and some quiet toys. 

One last thing—change that diaper before you board the plane—you can bet that will make everyone happier!