Local and federal authorities working together in a joint operation have arrested three people for allegedly stealing mail from area mailboxes. They also say  the suspects are also wanted on fraud charges in other jurisdictions.  Officials say when arrested, stolen mail was not only found but computers and printers used to print blank checks and ID cards.

Agencies, which included the Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspectors, Savannah Chatham’s Metro K-9 as well as the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit served a search warrant at a Savannah hotel where the three suspects were staying.  That’s where the arrests were made.

24 year old Joseph Maybrier, 22 year old Jessie Berry and 24 year old Jessica Tyree all listed California as their home of record.

Authorities say in addition to finding stolen mail that a quantity of Methamphetamine was also found in the hotel room.  As well as printers used to make fake checks and ID cards, authorities say they also found the identities of several hundred individuals including stolen credit cards and hundreds of blank checks.  Finally, they say burglary tools were discovered.

Federal charges will be brought before the US Attorney’s Office against all three for theft, fraud and drug possession.

Chatham County Sheriff Roy Harris aid “A joint operation of this kind shows the professionalism and the level of cooperation this Department has.  I am extremely proud of my deputies and how well they worked with the other agencies.”