Thousands march through Downtown Savannah for Georgia Day Parade



Thousands of people of all ages marched through the streets of Downtown Savannah Friday morning for the annual Georgia Day Parade!

The Fort Stewart 3rd Infantry Division Band came marching in from Forsyth Park to get the celebration started. Students and teachers from all over our area dressed up in historical costumes in honor of the founding of the Georgia Colony by James Edward Oglethorpe. Oglethorpe founded the colony on February 12, 1733.

J.P. Simmons, a third grader from The Habersham School, told News 3 participating in the parade helped bring the history, he learned about in the classroom, to life!

“In school, we learned about James Oglethorpe and how we brought over debtors from debtors prison to start a new colony.”

Simmons also said it was an honor for him, along with his 3rd and 4th grade classmates, to participate in the parade.

“It’s important to us because it’s where we’re from, we’re from Georgia. Every single one of us loves this state, and we want to help and be apart of it as much as we can.”

The Georgia Day Parade celebration wrapped up at City Hall with a short ceremony.

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