‘They’re real heroes’ local tree trimmers rescue cat in tree


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Workers with a savannah tree trimming business are being called heroes for stepping in when no one else could. Thanks to their rescue a family pet is safe and it was all caught on camera.

Neighbors said Shem Kendrick, owner of Coastal Arbor Care, went above and beyond to save a cat in crisis.

“I and my business partner are cat enthusiasts so we couldn’t stand by while a cat was in the cold rain stuck up in a tree,” said Kendrick. “We were happy to help.”

The cat belongs to Linchi Druchala, she said he got out by accident and then never came home.

“When I took the trash out I heard a meowing and I went to go look at the neighbor’s house,” said Druchala. “They had flashlights too and we were looking up and down and everywhere they shined it up in the tree–he was stuck in the tree.”

Druchala said the cat’s cries were hard to hear, which, led her to call 911, but she was told they didn’t respond to animal calls.

So, one neighbor suggested calling Coastal Arbor Care

“I did not know a tree service could come and get the cats because I thought 911 or the fire department would do it and they don’t do that,” said Druchala.

Shortly after getting the call Kendrick and his business partner jumped into action.

He said they respond to a few calls like this a year.

“This one wasn’t too bad it did try to climb away from us because obviously they are under duress and you know quite stressed out by the situation,” said Kendrick. “So it did climb farther out down the limb but we set another line and were able to get to it.”

Druchala said the cat was soaked from the rain and pretty shaken up, but luckily he didn’t get hurt.

“Very grateful for that they’re real heroes for doing that because he climbed that tree-like its nothing and got my cat for me pretty quick,” said Druchala.

Hendrick said if your cat ever gets stuck wait a full 24 hours and leave food for them on the ground. He said cats will usually come down on their own, but if not Hendrick said he and his partner are happy to help free of charge.

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