‘Their home with us’ Old Savannah City Mission makes holiday special for all


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Many of us look forward to good food and family time during the holidays, but others struggle just to find a place to sleep.

That’s why Old Savannah City Mission keeps its doors open, making sure no one spends Thanksgiving alone.

Their mission is to promote the feeling of gratitude, by encouraging people who come through the door to serve others.

“When I first got here it was all about me,” said Jermaine Ray.

Ray works hard to be a familiar face for people at rock bottom, why? Because he’s been there.

“They saw the progress that I made and they made me a student leader, which means that I’m in charge of the other students here,” said Ray. “I am also in charge of maintaining the order for the friends and neighbors that come in during the day.”

at Old Savannah City Mission no one is called homeless, guests or clients. Everyone who walks through their doors is a friend or a neighbor.

“We try to provide them with everything they need to make it feel like their home with us,” said Ray.

Whether it’s the holidays or not, everyone is welcome for a hot meal. The nonprofit also provides showers, clothing, and affordable housing.

“Stability is important for someone who has many years of homelessness,” said Louie Osti, who lives at Old Savannah City Mission.

“I pay my rent on time I go to work I am responsible and since I’ve been here in savannah I’ve really felt welcomed and loved and I’m shown love every day here,” said Osti.

Through support, people here are able to assume small responsibilities that help them build a future they can be proud of.

“I’ve come a long way from when I first got here being me me me to actually now I’m providing for the friends and neighbors,” said Ray. “Providing what they need so I put myself on the shelf and try to take care of them because that’s what the mission is set up for.”

Old Savannah City Mission is a non-profit and they survive solely on donations, just 20 dollars can feed 10 people on Thanksgiving. To learn more, click here.

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