The ultimate gift this Valentine’s Day, financial stability


SAVANNAH G.a., (WSAV) – Valentine’s Day is two days away and many people are looking for the perfect gift for their significant other.

A local couple has found a more practical way to show their love—minus the hefty price tag.

Elizabeth Raley and Doug Morse treat Valentine’s day similar to every holiday—by saving their money and focusing on their time together. Morse says it isn’t about the material things, it’s about the simple things.

“It’s supposed to be a simple time where you remind your partner that you love them and that doesn’t have to be expensive,” he says. “We use the money that we would normally spend on gifts to plan a trip or help pay for the house and cars,” Raley adds.

Financial Manager, Phil Haug, says couples who plan financially for their futures together are giving the ultimate gift.

“Financial stability is huge when it comes to having a comfortable relationship when there is no tension and no underlying issues when it comes to finances because you’re on the same page. It makes a huge difference,” he explains.

According to Country Financial, the average couple spends over $320 dollars. Haug points out that, “if you did that over twenty years just with simple interest that accumulates to be a lot of money over time.”

This year, the National Retail Foundation expects over 2.3 Billion dollars in spending for Valentine’s Day gifts, up 21 percent from last year.

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