PEMBROKE, Ga. (WSAV) — Hunting season is ramping up in Georgia and many Georgia farmers say it’s good, telling News 3 the white-tailed deer are damaging their crops.

In Pembroke, when the sun rises over Harry Hagan’s Farm, the scene is a field of buzzed corn, a problem encountered every year.

“We got corn problems where the deer are eating the corn – four to five acres at a time,” Waymon Hagan, the farm’s landowner said.

“We got a problem and we got to figure out how to settle it,” He continued.

Farmers say the frustrating part for them is there is nothing they can do about it.

“There isn’t a fix,” Joe Herndon, Harry Hagan’s farmer said. “There are just too many deer right now.”

The work put into harvesting a good batch of corn to sell becomes wasted, as they are left to pick up the pieces and start over.

“When it first starts growing, that’s when they like it,” Hagan said.  “It’s about a foot tall and they can clear out an acre in one night. that’s lots of loss for a farmer.”

Telling us this costs them a great deal of money.

“You’re not just losing that crop,” Herndon said. “You’re losing all your input cost also because you’re not going to get them back – you’re not going to sell that crop. You’re losing fertilizer, chemicals, time, wear and tear on your tractor. So, it adds up quick.”

They told News 3 that a lot of local farmers are dealing with this, some telling them they’ve seen over 30 deer eating their crops.

Georgia is not alone in this. Farmers in Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina are also seeing losses due to deer damage.