The Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission invites community to Victory Drive Corridor Meeting

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If, like most of us, your commute takes you down Victory Drive, then you know that some changes have already been made.

Starting with the removal of the historic Johnny Harris Restaurant this summer.

And it leaves many who live in the area wondering- what’s next?

Commissioners are hosting a meeting tonight to answer some of those questions.

Victory Drive.

It was originally built as a memorial to honor Savannah’s soldiers of World War I.

And now several years later, neighbors and advocacy groups feel like they’re fighting to preserve its history and beauty.

“If you have enough money and a piece of land, you can kind of build whatever the heck you want!” said Stewart Dohrman of the Savannah advocacy group, Smart Growth Savannah.

But Dohrman  says it’s shouldn’t be that way.

“The developers should not be dictating what gets built, the city and the citizens should be saying, ‘this is what we plan for this area, this is what’s correct or what would be nice.’ “

That’s why he says you need to make sure you come to tonight’s Victory Drive Corridor Meeting.

“Right now, what’s not in place is good planning and good zoning for Victory Drive,” Dohrman told News 3.

Development Dohrman says can only be achieved ultimately with good communication by all.

“Good design and good growth takes effort. The effort has to come from the developer, the city, city council, and it also comes from the community. People have to be brought into the process.”

That’s exactly what Jane Love, the Victory Drive Corridor Project Manager, plans to do with tonight’s meeting.

“We will ask people to make sure that we’re aware of the issues, we are aware of some. And we will also show them potential solutions.”

Solutions that could change everything.

“We could lose everything on Victory or we could make a really nice place for people to live for the next 80 years,” Dohrman

Stay tuned to WSAV News 3 at 10:00 p.m. & 11:00 p.m. to hear community reaction from tonight’s Victory Drive Corridor meeting.

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