The Bulloch County Historical Society is preserving history through barns


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – The Bulloch County Historical Society is holding on to pieces of the community’s history by saving old barns. And they’re using 3-D technology to do it.

Some barns from the 20th century are still standing throughout Bulloch County, but if you take a closer look some are crumbling. Dr. Brent Tharp, president of the Bulloch County Historical Society and other members worry they won’t hold out much longer.

” Barns tell us a lot about the areas they’re built in and the culture that built them…They’re very closely tied to the customs and styles of a particular area,” Tharp said.

Tharp noted that some of the barns hold significance to the area because of the way they housed animals and for the tools they stored.

To preserve them the historical society partnered with Mariah Peart a graduate student from Georgia Southern University and other students, using a modern 3-D device called “LiDar” to do it.

” It’s a laser device that spins a full 360 and takes these measurements[of the barn}…. It’s a great way to preserve them, it’s a nondestructive technology that just measures it,” Tharp said.

Tharp added LiDar then uses the measurements to reconstruct what the barn once looked like and saves that image so future generations can rebuild it.

” If something were to happen to that barn and it disappeared and we didn’t have it any longer then someone could recreate that,” Tharp said.

So far the device has been used to digitally preserve eight barns.

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