Staring down a tornado, an Oklahoma teenager is alive, thanks to sturdy bathroom walls and sage advice from parents and meteorologists alike.

Daniel Parks has come a long way.  He has been in special education his whole life, and he’s even spent some time in psychiatric hospitals because of the abuse of his parents.

Angela Parks adopted Daniel when he was seven years old, and Daniel believes God has watched over him ever since… even as weather took a turn on Monday.

With mom Angela away at work, Daniel was home alone as a tornado tore through his neighborhood.

“I was on the couch right there watching tv that was right there,” says Daniel.  “Then my dad called, ten minutes before it was over, and said go into the hallway and get something heavy.”

Moments before the twister struck, a panicked cousin stopped by to check on Daniel.  The two cowered in the bathroom for 10 minutes.

“I hear glass breaking, and the wind hitting on the walls,” says Daniel.  “My head was down, and my eyes were closed.”

When the storm finally settled, Daniel crawled through the rubble to find his house leveled, except for three walls… the bathroom walls.

Now for Daniel, it’s a tale he relishes in telling.

“I’m glad to be alive,” says Daniel.

Daniel’s parents now hope other families heed their warning ~ make sure your kids know ahead of time where to go, and it could save their lives.

The tornado that struck Daniel’s home has been upgraded by the National Weather Service to an EF-4.

(NBC News ~KFOR, Reporter Adam Snider)