Teen shooting victim identified, police say teens were playing with gun


SAVANNAH, Ga. – Police in Savannah release the name of a 14 year old who died after being shot on East 69th Street Thursday afternoon. 14 year old Jajuan McDowell died at a hospital a short time after being shot in the 1300 block of East 69th Street. Police say McDowell used to live in Savannah, but recently moved to Atlanta, but was back in the Hostess City for a visit. The preliminary findings of the investigation indicate that McDowell and another teen were playing with a firearm when McDowell was shot.

Gun safety experts and trainers say it’s a scenario that plays out too often. gun locks and similar devices are great for smaller children, but it’s a lot different when you’re talking about older kids. ” Teenagers are a lil’ bit different, um, a little bit more resourceful sometimes, uh, and uh a lot more inquisitive and they need to be educated about gun safety because there’s a little peer pressure there sometimes.” said Gary Glemboski, Director of Global Tactical Training Group. Glemboski’s company offers firearms training and personal safety courses, with decades of experience in law enforcement and in the military. He says a little education can go a long way in saving young lives. ” You need to kinda get out in front of it…especially from a safety aspect and educate them and make sure they understand that, um, guns can be dangerous, you know, if, if mishandled.” Glemboski said.

Many parents who do not have guns in their homes may think they do not have to talk with their kids about gun safety, but Glemboski says that could be a fatal mistake. ” Even if there’s not any guns in your house, uh, ’cause they may run across one. Friends may have one. There may be guns at a friend’s house…um, they need to know what, what is proper etiquette around firearms.” Glemboski said. He adds that knowledge has the power to prevent tragedies like what happened to Jajuan McDowell from happening.http://www.nssf.org/safety/basics/http://training.nra.org/nra-gun-safety-rules.aspx

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