Coronavirus tech check: Staying connected at home


(NBC News) – The stay-at-home era is presenting new problems when it comes to technology.

Fortunately, you don’t need to work in IT to set your household up for tech success.

It starts with some spring cleaning. editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff says you should dust or vacuum out all the tech-products you hardly every touch.

“Technology uses chips, and chips get hot; if they don’t have enough air going over them they can overheat and your system, your hardware can fail,” Ulanoff explains.

Many families are now learning for the first time the limits of their internet connection.

Ulanoff advises you search “test my internet speed” to make sure you’re getting what you pay for from your provider. Call to upgrade if you need extra bandwith, and if your wireless signal doesn’t quite go where you need it, consider installing a “mesh network.”

Finally, spend the extra time at home learning what your tech products can really do.  It turns out many tasks you think can only be done at the office can be taken care of at home with the right app.

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