Tattnall County High School launches program to honor alumni


REIDSVILLE, Ga. (WSAV) – Tattnall County High School is launching a new program to help honor alumni and inspire current students to reach their goals.

‘Best of Battle Creek’ is the name of the new program launching at the high school. It will highlight the accomplishments of alumni who have exceeded and made a positive impact in fields such as leadership, business, education, or community relations.

Jordan Huerta a teacher at the school said the program will give the former students a chance to share their story with current ones.

“We’re trying to get alumni who graduated from here in the last 25 to 26 years to get more involved in the school and community,” Huerta said.

Huerta noted the former students sharing their success stories with the current ones, will hopefully be viewed as a motivation.

He said this is important because Tattnall County High is a Title I school, meaning there is a good percentage of low-income students here, and they need to know it’s possible to make a better life for themselves.

” I believe it’s important to show students an example of someone who’s gone through here because it’s almost like learning in class. Whenever you’re learning in class it’s one thing to have a teacher tell you something, but if you can experience that and kind of put your hands on that subject, you get a better understanding of it,” Huerta explained.

Eight alumni will be chosen to be part of the program. Each being picked anonymously.

Those picked will be interviewed and have their stories published monthly in the school newsletter, by students in the journalism class, as well as publications around Tattnall County.

Huerta also hopes one day the program can evolve into the alumni helping the students as they head off to college.

“Hopefully we can create a scholarship fund and these eight alumni will be the ones responsible for selecting the senior who applies for the scholarship, and the ones they believe will be most most likely to represent Battle Creek.”

You can nominate alumni through the Tattnall County High facebook page or fill out a form at the school. All submissions must be made by the end of the month.

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