Swainsboro official says juvenile curfew supposed to make community safer


SWAINSBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – A curfew is now in place for children and teenagers in Swainsboro. City leaders said the curfew is in place to keep them safe through the summer months and beyond.

By ten at night the streets of Swainsboro must be clear of all children and teens 17 and under. They’re not allowed back out until six the next morning.

City council re-established their old curfew ordinance making it a violation to be out in an effort to make the community safer.

“We want them [community members] to feel safe at all times, we want our older people to also to feel safe at home,” Bobbie Collins, a city council member, said.

Collins said city council made the curfew a priority after its members and the police noticed behavior in youth they didn’t like.

” Some may have had weapons, some were engaging in burglaries…Gang activity has been on the rise but definitely, this is to curve that. That’s never welcomed in our city,” Collins said.

There are penalties for violating the curfew. The first time it’s a warning.
The next time consequences follow.

“If he’s [or she is] in violation then [they are] subject to a fine and a court hearing if necessary…There are some fines and also their parents are subject to facing responsibility,” Collins added.

However, Collins noted there are some exceptions to the curfew that will be allowed.

“Unless they’re accompanied by a parent or if a school function or something of that nature that they can explain, that would obligate them until those hours of them am, then it excusable.”

The curfew will be in place for the next two years.

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