Super Tuesday: Uncertainty at the polls as voters think about which presidential candidate should get their votes

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As voters head to the polls in 12 states-including Georgia-to vote for the candidate they think will do the best job in the White House, many have their predictions about who will win it all.

News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to dozens of people was surprised to find that some still weren’t quite sure who they’re going to vote for today.

But for those who have made their decision, they say they can’t wait to put their ballot in the box.

Today’s the big day for Presidential candidates as voters make their way to the polls for Super Tuesday.

“I need your help,” said Hillary Clinton, one of the presidential candidates representing the Democratic Party.

It’s a plea candidates in both the Republican and Democratic parties are making as they fight to win their parties’ nominations.

“I am gonna be asking for your votes on Tuesday, but I need more than that from you. I need your help the day after the general election because I can’t do it alone,” said Senator Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s opponent for the Democratic nomination.

Not alone indeed–as Clinton and Sanders will continue to compete on Tuesday for 865 delegates they need to win the Democratic race…

While four republican presidential hopefuls will continue to try and trump “The Donald” for the 595 republican seats that are up for the taking.

But with all of the political party drama that’s been happening so far in the campaign season…

“Friends do not let friends vote for con artists,” said Florida Senator Marco Rubio, one of the contenders in the GOP race.

“He was so scared like a little frightened puppy,” retorted Donald Trump, the GOP candidate heading the polls so far.

…And not enough focus on the real issues, one voter says picking the best person for the job presents quite the challenge.

Courtney Cole: “Super Tuesday, a lot of candidates to choose from, how are you feeling?”

“Ummmm…confused? I really don’t know. It’s very hard to hear, hear all the stuff  and then really make a good decision, because one has something to say about the other, you know?” said Pam Green.

But even for the voters that do know which way they’re going to go…

“Bernie Sanders,” said Harold Torraize.

Courtney Cole: What makes Bernie Sanders stand out for you?

“I like the message,” Torraize tells News 3.

Some still aren’t sure if their vote will be enough to help.

“Well, I’ve actually been watching the debates and studying the candidates, and I have a pretty good idea of who I like. but I don’t think he’s going to win…I like John Kasich from Ohio,” said Joseph Purcell.

Courtney Cole: And what makes him stand out to you?

“[He’s] the only adult in the room…”

Voters will also be taking to the polls to decide who the next Chatham County Sheriff should be.They will be able to choose from the following candidates:

-Kim Middleton

-John Wilcher

-Colonel McArthur Holmes

-Ken Williamson

-Interim Sheriff Roy Harris

Polling places close at 7:00 p.m. tonight.

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