SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Super Museum Sunday is back in a big way and local museum workers are gearing up with extra staff.

“You really can’t prepare for that amount of numbers, but we do, and just get extra staff and prepare for that mass amount of people,” says Dan McCall, the special events manager at the Coastal Heritage Society.

He expects thousands of visitors to their six locations.

“We usually see about five to eight thousand people in four hours. It’s just a great opportunity for people to come check out all of our sites,” McCall says.

Super Museum Sunday means free admission to museums all over Georgia.

“There’s no strings attached you literally just show up and the doors are open and you can come in and spend all four hours here or four minutes here,” he says.

The event also means free education for visitors.

“You get to see all of the different topics all of the different cultural aspects of the museums and you can just learn so much. You can jot down, okay, where I want to go back because I didn’t see enough. So, it gives you an opportunity to just get a morsel, so this way you can come back and get the full meal,” says Savannah African Arts Museum education and Community Outreach Liaison, Lisa Jackson.

She expects to see a big crowd, especially because Super Museum Sunday is during Black History Month.

“We expose African history every day, however often for a lot of people, it takes black history month for it to be a focus. The thing is about us being the only African art museum in the area, it also gives the opportunity for them to come and see and make the connection of African history with world history,” Jackson says.

All participating museums will be open with free admission from 12 to 4 p.m.