Sunshine can help your love life

Sunshine and love

Some of the happiest people in the world are said to be those who enjoy the most amount of sunshine each year.

But if you are staying inside all day…  or you don’t live in a warmer climate… it may be time to take an extended holiday.

Sexual health expert at The Women’s Health Clinic Aly Dilks says that vitamin D is hugely important for our wellbeing… particularly our love life.

That’s right.

“In terms of chemicals, it stimulates testosterone,” says Dilks.

Also, a vitamin D deficiency can cause lower levels of estrogen in women, which is connected to a lower libido.

Research shows that all you need is 30 minutes of sun exposure over a two-week period to increase it.  While taking a supplement may help the situation, the sun is still the best source of vitamin D – and the most potent.

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