Summer Shopping: What to buy in July


Whether you love shopping or not, you know that sometimes good sales can be hard to come by!

But not in the month of July, because that’s when a lot of stores offer rare discounts and deals. (And some are just too good to pass-up!)

It starts with video games!

Video Game Day is coming up this Friday, July 8th, and that means you’ll be able to find a lot of popular games for up to 80% off!

Some other good things you can find for cheap this month are items that are characteristic to the summer season, like swimwear and air conditioners. Many stores are trying their best to get rid of these items before the Fall season begins, according to Deal

And if you’re a big Amazon user, expect to find a lot of deals, ahead of  Amazon Prime Day, coming up on Tuesday, July 12th.

Now here are some items you shouldn’t buy in July: Back-to-School supplies.

It may feel like you’re cutting it too close if you wait to buy them in August, but it’s when you’ll save the most money on everything you or your children need for school, according to Deal

You’ll also get a better deal on barbecue grills and big screen TVs in August.

And if you’re in the military, there will also be a lot of deals for you throughout the month of July as well.

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