CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WSAV) – University of North Carolina at Charlotte students have started a club called ‘Helping Hands’ to build prosthetics for children.

More than 30 students, with full class schedules, spend hours of their free time using 3D printers to create recreational prosthetics at no cost to the families.

The prosthetics are personalized for each child. One even has a fidget spinner add-on.

“It’s exactly the opposite of what you think a millennial would do,” says assistant professor Richard Chi, “To put the hours in the making a 3D device to show that they have to drive to create something for someone else.”

But for the students, all the hours put in learning and creating are worth it.

“It’s not until you see the excitement and amazement in a child’s or a family’s eyes, that you really understand what it’s all about,” says another professor.

‘Helping Hands’ is a registered nonprofit and they are currently crowdfunding to continue their work.