Students come together to help donate to local charities


WILMINGTON ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) – Students at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School on Wilmington Island are coming together to help local charities in the area.

At the beginning of every year, students choose a charity and collect items throughout the school year. The students will be donating thousands of items to eight local charities. It’s part of the school’s annual ‘Serving Our Community Catholic Kids Style’ day.

“Here at St. Peters this is part of the fabric of our school,” St. Peter the Apostle Principal, Wynter Kelly said.

Students in each grade are coming together as one to do something good during catholic schools week. From the start of the year, students will brainstorm what local charities they want to support giving them something positive to do throughout the school year.

“What we ask the kids to do is to actually go home and ask their parents how can I earn money? Can I cut the lawn, can I empty the dishwasher,” Kelly said.

And from there, students earn the money to purchase thousands of items for each charity. This year they’ll support eight charities. They’ll collect things from dog and cat food to simple necessities.

“Personally, it makes me feel generous because you know since we’re giving back to certain charities the least you can do is help out because we have so much but other people have so little.” Seventh-grader at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School, Matthew Adams said.

Adams and his classmates are giving back to Tabby Tales and the Humane Society, an organization they’re most passionate about because they get to help animals in need.

“We start in pre-k teaching the kids that they’re a part of something that’s bigger than themselves,” Kelly said.

And just a grade ahead of Adams the eighth graders submitted a $192 check to the Matthew Freeman Project that supports fallen soldiers.

“In life, there’s a balance. There are people who have things and others who don’t have anything. The less fortunate and then the fortunate,” Adams said.

Principal Kelly says this teaches the students to build relationships. It’s not always about giving, but about connecting the kids with the community.

“So I think what we’re teaching about being part of something bigger than yourself it goes beyond just the classroom,” Kelly said.

Several organizations were at the school Thursday to talk with the children and to accept their donations.

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