STEM Kids: Solar Eclipse 2017


Here at STEM Academy, they always take science to the an accelerated level.  So instead of being excited about a day off from school, these kids are taking science out of the classroom and turning today into a once in a lifetime experience.

“It’s really cool how the moon and the sun perfectly shift into one.  Cool to see it.  Rare event.”  ~ Moises David Vera – Parra, student

A rare event…  they all want to see.

“Can we take off our glasses at all?  No!  No.”  Kathleen Hobbs, STEM Academy Teacher

Kathleen Hobbs teaches advanced science to these 8th graders.  So yes…  they’ve learned all about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…  but they’ve also learned why they need to keep the glasses on.

“Children’s eyes are still developing and when they’re developing there’s DNA separation.  This isn’t a time for exposure to radiation.”  Kathleen Hobbs, STEM Academy Teacher

“I didn’t know there was radiation at all.  I didn’t understand why it was harmful to your eyes.”  ~ August Barron, STEM student

Sunlight is energy.  On a regular day, this energy is spread out.  But today, for the total solar eclipse, the sunlight bends.  The energy is concentrated.

“If light is bending, is it changing direction?  Yes.  Therefore, it’s accelerating.  Light will be more of a focal point.  And that’s why you have to wear the solar glasses.”  Kathleen Hobbs

So it’s much more dangerous to look at the solar eclipse than just the regular sun.

“It’s like the atmosphere around the sun.  I’m really excited to see that because it’s always changing around the sun.”  ~ Norah Hamilton, STEM Student

So put on your glasses and enjoy the view!     

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