STATESBORO (WSAV) – As Christmas gets closer, people are scrambling not just for last minute gifts, but the perfect gift.

Most will shop online or a big name store. But the one place that takes the biggest hit this time of year is the store down the street. Local businesses like Kim’s Cheese Straws and H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey have come together other businesses get their names out there.

“Small businesses do struggle this time of year,” says Kim Kaiser, owner of Kim’s Cheese Straws. “So anything we can do to help our promote our small businesses, so that they can continue to stay in business; we want to do that especially during the holiday season.”

So they are asking shoppers in the Statesboro area to “shop locally.”

“Shopping locally is so important,” says Laura Franklin Cooke, owner of of H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey. “It really helps boost the community, helps support local businesses and helps them grow. All the money stays in the community when you shop locally.”

One of their biggest supporters has been “Georgia Grown,” which works with the Department of Agriculture.

“The Georgia Department of Agriculture has done a great job of really promoting small businesses,” says Kaiser. “It’s not just agricultural businesses, but also home grown businesses. One’s that are in the state of Georgia and have an actual person behind the product.”

So remember, the next time you are shopping, why not put some presents under the tree from a local store.

Visit these local business websites and check out there products:Kim’s Cheese StrawsH.L. Franklin’s Healthy HoneyBobby Joe’s BBQ SauceBellies, Babies & Ballerinas