St. Joseph’s/Candler breaks ground on new urgent care facility in Richmond Hill


RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV)-  St. Joseph’s/Candler broke ground today on a new Urgent Care facility that will improve access to medical care in the growing Richmond Hill community.

The site is located on Highway 144 across from Publix. Developers say it will be a 10,000 square foot facility with the ability to handle all kinds of medical emergencies.

“For any of us with children it’s got to be fast, you just got to know where it is,” said Paul Hinchey, CEO of St. Joseph’s/Candler.

“You’re in a different state of mind you don’t want to be looking at a GPS you just want to know where you got to go, ” he added, “that access is extremely important.”

Hinchey says the urgent care will be designed to handle close to 80 percent of ‘medical surprises’, saving a lot of people a trip to the emergency room.

“A hospital ER, as many of you know, is about 10 to 20 times the cost of an urgent care,” said Hinchey.

Hinchey says it’s a new way to look at medical care that isn’t hospital-centric. Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter says the timing is perfect.

“COVID has very much revealed that it was very much needed,” said Carpenter, “we are elated in addition to the economic benefit of them bringing this facility here.”

The urgent care will have a half a million dollar pay roll and employ about 30 people.

This project is part of a three-year strategic plan St. Joseph’s/Candler launched in 2019 to expand urgent care and healthcare access into the region.

The plan began with a location in the new St. Joseph’s/Candler Pooler Campus.

“This is really a fulfillment of a dream that started a long time ago and fortunately, thanks to a combination of strategy, luck, and prayers we’ve done okay on it,” said Hinchey.

 The Urgent Care is on track to open in early September. It will be the the eighth St. Joseph’s/Candler Urgent Care facility in the region.

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