SPECIAL ELECTION: Beaufort County group announces school board candidate endorsement


The Beaufort County grass roots group CARE (Citizens Advocating Responsible Education) announced its endorsement of school board candidate David Striebinger for District 2.

“He represents change, real change and reform, which is sorely needed on the Board of Education,” CARE Founder Richard Bisi says.

Bisi made the announcement on Monday morning, with just hours left before the Special Election on Tuesday.

David Striebinger and Rebecca Cooper are the two candidates up for the single seat, the seat of former Board Chairman Bill Evans. Evans resigned his position in the wake of allegations of nepotism on Superintendent Jeff Moss.

In a recent town hall, bot candidates spoke on the Board’s nepotism policy, which has yet to be rewritten.

“I would vote for a policy that says the Superintendent cannot hire, or ‘No family members of the Superintendent can be hired by the School District,'” Striebinger said.

“I think we need to put the nepotism policy, let it cool for a while until we address some other things, because that has been a major issue that has brought some serious concerns and some negative publicity to our school district,” Cooper said.

For these views, Bisi’s group supports Striebinger. Bisi says the public’s trust in the District can be restored, with a stricter nepotism policy and management of Moss.

Each candidate has also spoken-out about the District’s proposal for a one percent county-wide sales tax, a plan that would put about $480 million into the District’s budget.

“I think that there’s no chance in hell that that’s going to be approved by the voters in November,” Bisi says.

“I would not support it,” Striebinger said in a January town hall meeting, “plus, I think the timing is bad.”

“Well, a sales tax does allow everybody to share in the load. But it needs to be a realistic sales tax, and it needs to be presented when all is well with the School District, when people are more inclined to listen to us,” Cooper said in the town hall meeting.

Bisi’s group plans to attend the 4 p.m. presentation Moss will make to the Board on the tax plan, located at the District building on Mink Point Blvd. in Beaufort.

He also says CARE will continue to push for improvements and change, when needed. There are four more seats on the Board up for grabs in November. Bisi says CARE will have candidate endorsements then, as well.

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