Sources: New health care plan proposal could be ready by Thursday


WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – Congress is back from vacation – still unable to come up with a new health plan.

And, still under pressure from Americans who don’t want to lose their coverage.

Demonstrations at the Capitol urging lawmakers to fix health care without gutting it. “Come out from behind your Twitter and talk to your constituents and see what’s gonna happen in real life. If you can look us in the eye and justify this bill – do that,” said Mother Kim Crawley.

Democrat Tim Kaine says he’s received more than 11-thousand calls and letters. “I haven’t heard a single Republican governor, who is in charge of the Medicaid program say ‘this is a good idea’, not one,” said Senator Tim Kaine, (D) Virginia.

And there’s pressure outside Washington – on TV and in Chicago: government insurance saved this six-year-old from a rare tumor.

Some Trump supporters are blaming the president.

Under the current plan, states will eventually pay more for Medicaid. “Federal government will still pick up the lion’s share of this,” said Senator Pat Toomey, (R) Pennsylvania.

Lawmakers are working on changes to appease conservative and moderate Republicans. “I don’t think that we can fix this bill by doing a tweak here and a trim there. It needs a complete overhaul,” said Senator Susan Collins, (R) Maine.

One: alternative: cheaper insurance that costs less – and covers less.

Sources tell NBC a new plan could be ready by Thursday.

Reversing course, the White House says president trump supports a full repeal of Obamacare now – even if lawmakers can’t come up with a replacement right away.

Tracie Potts, NBC News.

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