Some residents oppose proposed landfill in West Chatham County


WEST CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – Some people living in West Chatham County are seeing red over a proposed landfill in their neighborhood. Leaders want to build it along Bush Road off Highway 204. But, people who live there are asking them to halt the project.

“This road cannot handle the traffic,” says Gene Barnes, 30 year resident of West Chatham County. “We’ve got too much congestion out in this area with the dump trucks,” he says.

County leaders have been storing yard debris at the site for the past few years, now they’re clearing out the land to build what they call an inert landfill.

“We’re gonna use that site to dispose of yard debris, limbs, leaves, branches, tree stumps, that kind of thing. We’ll grind it up and bury it there,” says Michael Kaigler, Assistant Chatham County Manager. “It won’t be a landfill in the sense that we’ll have trash there, it will be just yard waste and inert stuff. There will be no odor because there won’t be garbage there, it’ll just be grind up inert material,” Kaigler says.

The county is awaiting approval from the state’s Environmental Protection Division.

“This is our home, we drink the water that comes out of the ground and there’s no alternatives to that, there’s no alternative to the landfill, there is no alternative to how we live out here,” said Bryan Davis.

Residents that attended a community meeting Thursday say they plan to go before the Chatham County Commission about this proposed project.

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