SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If you’re getting calls about your social security number being compromised or connected to criminal activities, you may need to stand in line to complain. We have heard from a number of viewers this week that they are receiving the calls.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says this is the number one scam in the country. This one starts with an automated call and I even received one.

“Your Social Security Number (has been used) for criminal activities,” says the automated female voice. “So when you get this message kindly call back on our number 682-260-6128 before we begin with the criminal activities. Have a nice day.”

This scam may have the social security hook (while others have the Jury Duty hook or the IRS hook) but the premise is all the same: to get your money as quickly as possible.

The FTC says:

** TheSocial Security Administration will never call to tell you anything about your number or to threaten your benefits.

** The Social Security Administration will never tell you to wire money, send cash or put money on a gift card.

In terms of scams, remember the advice that we have told you before:

1) Never provide personal information to a caller
2) Do not give anyone your debit or credit card number over the phone
3) If someone asks you to pay them (for a fine or whatever the story is) with a GreenDot card or a transfer via Western Union or other services this is a RED FLAG that this is a scam.
4) Crooks always want money fast and in a way that you can’t get back