Snapchat videos of vandalism spree leads to teens’ arrest


ATLANTA (NBC) – Two teens accused of vandalizing a high school, several restaurants and a police car have been arrested after posting videos on Snapchat of their spree in an Atlanta suburb.

Garry Higginbotham and Christopher Gonzales documented their break into Lassiter High School in Marietta.

They allegedly snuck in to poke holes in the gym’s ceiling, take food out of the school’s freezer, and steal forms from the office.

The Snapchat video also shows them minutes later blasting patrons on the patio of an East Cobb restaurant with fire extinguishers from the school.

Those eating at the Mallow’s Tavern across the street were blasted by the extinguishers as well.

then seconds later… those eating at the mallow’s tavern across the street.

Addison Phelps/Restaurant Worker

“It took a couple of minutes for it to finally clear out, but two people’s food just got completely ruined,” says Addison Phelps, an employee at Mallow’s Tavern.

She said a relative of one of the restaurant’s workers watched the incident unfold on Snapchat and called into the restaurant.

“I added the one guy on Snapchat and we saw his whole story. And there was a lot more on there than just the fire extinguisher, too,” says Phelps.

Gonzalez and Higginbotham found an unoccupied Cobb Police car nearby and shared a video of them jumping on the hood of the car on their Snapchat.

“Honestly, it’s pure idiocracy to me,” says Phelps. “The last table I had — six girls, three of them going to UGA and three to Georgia Tech — they’re really smart and their jaws just dropped because they just can’t believe it either.”

Girls on the patio recognized the other suspect as a recent Lassiter High grad. Police obtained the Snapchat video and arrested Gonzalez and Higginbotham shortly after.

Both are charged with five felonies and four misdemeanors. They are in jail on a $60,000 bond.

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